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Sterling Silver - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Flower Ring 7.5

Sterling Silver - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Flower Ring 7.5

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Original Roadkill Gems design! This handmade sterling silver ring features a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cabochon, with a custom flower design.

    Know for its solid, light blue color with no matrix, this Turquoise stone comes from the now closed Sleeping Beauty mine right outside of Globe, Arizona. This stone bridges earth and heaven and is sacred to Native Americans. Promoting spiritual attunement and enhancing communication with the physical and spiritual worlds, Turquoise is an efficient healer. 

    C R Y S T A L  P R O P E R T I E S 


    Chakra(s): Throat and Third Eye 
    Crystal System: Triclinic
    Chemistry: CuAl₆(PO₄)₄(OH)₈ ₅(H₂O) Hydrous copper aluminum phosphate
    Source: USA, Egypt, Mexico, China, Iran, Peru, Poland, Russia, France, Tibet, Afghanistan, Arabian Peninsula
    Energy Vibration: 1
    Hardness: 5 - 6
    Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces
    Planet: Jupiter, Venus, Neptune 
    Element: Earth/Air/Fire

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