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Floating - Picture Jasper and Sterling Silver Rollerball Necklace

Floating - Picture Jasper and Sterling Silver Rollerball Necklace

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Original Roadkill Gems design! This handmade pendant features Picture Jasper and Sterling Silver, with a Floating bail and Saguaro cut out. Keep your favorite essential oils, perfume or even lip gloss close to you. 


  • Each Rollerball necklace undergoes 7 stages of polishing
  • 2ml vial holds about 20 drops of essential oils 
  • Pendant is paired with a 22 inch Sterling Silver chain(optional sizes upon request) 

Picture Jasper brings comfort and alleviates fear. In addition to carrying the generic properties of Jasper, this stone brings to the surface hidden feelings and thoughts that are normally pushed aside. Once the repression is released, they are seen as lessons along the way. 

C R Y S T A L   P R O P E R T I E S  

Picture Jasper

Chakra: Base, earth
Crystal System: Trigonal
Chemistry: SiO₂ Silicon dioxide 
Source: USA, South America 
Energy Vibration: 8
Hardness: 7
Zodiac: Leo
Planet: -
Element: Water

O I L   B L E N D S

    Leo(Picture Jasper): 

    40% Marjoram, 40% Cypress, 10% Neroli, and 10% Helichrysum 

    • Marjoram - This oil encourages your Leo Sun, Moon, or Ascendant to relax and enjoy your life while experiencing your soul's journey 
    • Cypress - Release blockages to help clear the way for Leo's and create a feeling of security all year
    • Neroli - Enhances emotional connection and physical action. Neroli fosters Leo's connection to the sun when their source energy feels depleted
    • Helichrysum - Uplifts your subconscious to rise above barriers that are holding you back from expressing your soul's essence in this lifetime
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