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Obsidian Travelers Stone Necklace

Obsidian Travelers Stone Necklace

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Carrying or wearing Black Obsidian assists in dispersing negativity around the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies. It vibrates calmness and security also stabilize the energies of all persons within its reach.

This Obsidian Arrowhead necklace is a Roadkill Gems original design. Handmade with Sterling silver, all the metal, including chain is 925 sterling, genuine Obsidian and the Turquoise is natural Sleeping Beauty. This gorgeous piece was hand sawed, soldered, oxidized, polished, set and designed by me, Lizzi Willis.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is one of the most sought after opaque stones in
the world. Its mined out of Globe Arizona from a mountain that resembles a women laying on her back with her arm crossed. That how it got the name "Sleeping Beauty" This Turquoise is actually quite famous for its accidental discovery when the mine was opened for extracting Gold and Copper. Even in its rough form the stones are vibrate, truly a gem in the southwest.

**This particular Turquoise is Natural, meaning non treated or stabilized in any way.

*Necklace chain is 23 inches long.

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