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Geometric - Blue Aventurine and Sterling Silver Rollerball Necklace

Geometric - Blue Aventurine and Sterling Silver Rollerball Necklace

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Original Roadkill Gems design! This handmade pendant features Blue Aventurine and Sterling Silver, with a Geometric bail. Keep your favorite essential oils, perfume or even lip gloss close to you. 


  • Each Rollerball necklace undergoes 7 stages of polishing
  • 2ml vial holds about 20 drops of essential oils 
  • Pendant is paired with a 22 inch Sterling Silver chain(optional sizes upon request) 

Natural and unearthed, this stone derives from Brazil. A stone of self-discipline and inner strength, Blue Aventurine helps one to make clear decisions and initiate change to overcome detrimental habits. This crystal is a powerful mental healer that supports shamanic energy and enhances the positive masculine side of men and women increasing vitality. 

Chakra(s): Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra
Energy Vibration: 3
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Leo and Libra
Planet: Mercury
Element: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire

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