oil blends

Stuck on what to fill your new rollerball with? Check out the awesome blends below and give one a try! 

These blend recipes have been gathered from the amazing people in the RKG Rollerball Facebook group. 

Submitted by: Jessica G
Sacred Mountain + Peppermint 

Submitted by: Mallory H
Valor + Joy

Submitted by: Kayla R
Valor + Idaho Blue Spruce + Highest Potential 

Submitted by: Britney E
Doterra -  Adaptiv

Submitted by: Maggie T
Sacred Mountain + Believe and Awaken 

Submitted by: Lindsey T
Peace & Calming 2 + Orange + Grounding
Submitted by: Jo Z, Jess S
Sacred Frankincense + White Angelica 

Submitted by: Christel S
Stress away + Joy + Valor + Grapefruit 

Submitted by: Anna F
Valor + Stress Away + Frankincense
Submitted by: Tiphani J
Clove + Nutmeg + Cinnamon + Stress Away 🍁

Submitted by: Erika S
Valor + White Angelica 

Submitted by: Shelby B
50/50 of Eucalyptus + Grapefruit, with a dash of Ginger + Cedar 

Submitted by: Naomi J
Panaway + Sacred Mountain + Valor + Stress Away

Submitted by: Morgan B
Valor + Sacred Mountain 

Submitted by: Alexa H
1 part Orange + 3 parts Valor

Submitted by: Alexandria G
Northern Lights Black Spruce + Valor

Submitted by: Kari B
Frankincense + Lavender and Stress Away + Valor 

Submitted by: Elisa W
Stress Away + Lavender 

Submitted by: Jennifer C
Valor + Stress Away + Lemongrass

Submitted by: Julie W
Valor + Awaken

Submitted by: Jennifer Q
Idaho Blue Spruce + Believe + Peace and Calming 2 + NLBS

Submitted by: Melanie B
Abundance + Egyptian gold

Submitted by: Danielle S
Valor + Lady Sclareol + Royal Hawaiian + Sandalwood + Roman Chamomile

Submitted by: Dominique H
Valor + Joy + Envision 

Submitted by: Laurie C, Beth H
Stress Away + Valor 

Submitted by: Mallory A
NLBS + Lime  + White Angelica + Valor + Jade + Idaho Blue Spruce

Submitted by: Vallorie F
Valor + Patchouli + White Angelica + Stress Away

Submitted by: Dani H
Vetiver + Ylang-Ylang + Bergamot with rose petals  

Submitted by: Katie M
Rose + Hawaiian Sandalwood 

Submitted by: Madi H
Nature's Ultra CBD - Calm

Submitted by: Maya S
Idaho Blue Spruce + Lime + Valor + Blue Spruce 

Submitted by: Cecelia O
Valor + Bergmot + Sacred Frankincense + Patchouli

Submitted by: Tara R
Higher Unity + Valor + Orange

Submitted by: Natalie W
Sacred Mountain + Sacred Frankincense + Idaho Blue Spruce

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